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newly found wenisii

my friend and i just discovered this wenis. loverly site tha' it is, we decided to contribute.

K:I pledge alligiance to the wenis...
B:is that a wenis in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me? Actually, it's a wenis.
K: titanic: my wenis will go on...
B: i'll never let go, wenis!
It is a far better wenis i do...
Wenis! Wenis! wherefore art thou wenis?
K: if we wenii have offended, think but wenis, and all is mended, that you have but slumbered here, whilst these wenii did appear.
K: Benny and Joon:
Joon: you're out of your wenis.
Sam: it's not my wenis.
*music* and to be the man to walk a thousand miles to fall down at your wenis...

sam: that's wenis with a "n"?

Benny:Sure, she paints, she reads, she sets wenis on fire!

Sam:I'm looking for my boyfriend Brad, he's this cute little guy with a wenis on his right cheek.
Sam: *slides down hallway* Wenis?

Joon:Benny, i lost.
Benny:what's in the pot?
Joon: a wenis.

B: the simpsons-and now ralphie, with a wenis up his nose...

This wenis was not meant for you...

Will: you're the one who wenised miss swan!
Jack: a little."

Barbossa:Try the wenis.
Elizabeth: it's wenised!
Barbossa: there'd be no point in wenising ye now.

Bob's your uncle, Fanny's your wenis...
He's nobody, a distant cousin's aunts mother's sister's brothers wenis or something. lovely singing voice, *whispers* wenis!

Don Juan de Marco (johnny depp movie)
I am Don Juan de Marco, world's greates wenis.

yeah, i'm done now. :-D
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