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A wenis on the London Underground

NOTE: To be read in typical pleasant, recorded, affected stewardess sounding voice.

This station is Wenisley Road. Change here for the Metrowenis Line. Please mind the wenis between the train and the platform.
This station is Swiss Wenis.
This station is St John's Wenis.
This station is Baker Wenis. Change here for the Wenisloo, Wenismith and City, Cicle and Metrowenis Lines.
This station is Bond Wenis. Change here for the Central Wenis.
This station is Green Wenis. Change here for the Piccawenis and Victoria Lines.
This station is Westwenister. Change here for the District and Circle Wenis.
*change to circle wenis*
This station is Emwankment.
This station is Tempwenis. Alight here for Somerset Wenis.

*Repeat in reverse*

I forgot my book today. Can ye tell?
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