~ * Nin o Wenis, lasto wenis daer, rimmo nin Bruinen, dan in wenis * ~

~ * Im Arwen, telin le thaed, last beth wenis, tolo dan nan galad * ~

~ * lasto wenis nin * ~
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Here be a refuge, mates, for when ye be all wenised out with wenis block.

We are the queens of the wenis, the rulers and pimps of wenisdom, and the almighty wenistresses of power. Yes, we rock the wenis, bow down at our feet.

...and for those of you non existent people whose sanity is still intact, this is a quotage and picspammage community for the Order of the Wenis. 'wenis' is a bit like 'pants'. But ruder omg

It was begun by Queen Wenis arwen_elvenfair, when she wished to avoid the beanwenisfetish of The One Formerly Known As widemouthfrog one morning. (TOFKA widemouthfrog does not admit to beanwenisfetish. Highly odd, seeing as t'was she as wrote this.). The wenisising was continued in it's trademark depraved, slashy, evol and hilarious manner, by sazzafrazz, and between us we have roped smellecat into the Dukedom of Wenishire.

Hence, we show our raving lunacy support for the Wenis with this here community. An' if ye be a lover o' wenis, feel free to jump aboard and let your wenis free, feel you inner wenis, and BE THE WENIS.

We are the wenians, and we are proud. Yes, sir.

("more wenii, than what you might call actual rules...")

1) Please don't just copy and paste entire msn/im/whatever-wenis-you-use conversations. Cut them down to just the wenis quotes. Edit them, for the love of wenis, edit them. Yes, we know it's tiresome and dull and exhausting, especially if the conversation is The Longest Wenis in the World Ever (TM), but if we can do it, so can you.

2) Use the wenis cut. If your entry contains more than five or so wenii, then please put it behind a cut tag, and instructions are here, here and here for those who don't know how. It looks tidier, and it's a good idea, as chances are your wenis contains spoilers.

3) Please state what you're wenisising. Some of us or blonde, foolish, suffering short-term-memory-blanks, ot just plain ignorant.

4) Do not try to bend the wenis. Only know that there is no wenis.

5) Wenisising is all good, clean, pleasant fun. Please do not wenisise in evol, or thou shalt be banishèd.

Wenis aweigh!
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